My Story

My passion for jewelry and accessories inspired me at a younger age to source unique pieces from my holiday travels. I’ve collected handmade pieces in modern and vintage styles combined with natural gemstones, crystals, and pearls.  Beautifully crafted jewelry and individually handpicked from: Istanbul, Jakarta, New Delhi, London, Dubai, Beirut and many more places.

Sparks by Carla was born in 2012. When I ventured into designing a line of Personalised Handmade Jewelry in 18kt gold, sterling silver, and gold-plated inspired by astrology, birthstones, and healing stones. I believe that Jewelry should be both beautiful and meaningful. So each of our pieces tells a story.

Sparks by Carla is a way of expressing myself. This unique & distinctive collection is divided into The Design and The Collection.  The Design houses the very latest styles designed by Carla whereas The Collection brings you unique pieces from around the world.